Road Trip…New Orleans

It’s taken a few days to decompress after this trip. So, here’s the rundown…

Friday – long ass car ride from Austin to New Orleans…quick jaunt to Bourbon Street. Lots of whiskey and some fun stuff. Fell off a trolly, did not die.

Texas v. Philly – Sweat Fest 2017

Saturday – hangover. Breakfast at the Ruby Slipper – best damn Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had in my life. Get the Eggs Cochon. Grabbed my camera and a little hair of the dog in the courtyard at India House, then a quick stop for coffee at Monkey Monkey and I was only five minutes late for my 9:45 call time. Followed Texas around for a bit and hung out in the locker room before I took my spot in turn 2 to shoot the first game at noon (Texas v. Philly). Shot a total of four games – but I watched as much as I shot. Because, um, these are some of the best skaters I have ever seen…and you better believe I tried some of that stuff at practice on Wednesday. Texas played two awesome games. The lighting was a perfect mix of hot and cool – it was pretty magical. I totally geeked out over the light…you have no idea. I’m still pretty excited about that lighting. Then there was the fucking burrito. Juan’s Flying Burrito – that was some serious shit.

Texas v. Rose City – Sweat Fest 2017

Sunday – no hangover, no call time. Blueberry muffin and coffee at Monkey Monkey then I rolled in around ten and parked my fat ass in turn 2 for Philly v. Dallas. I love Dallas…I mean, Anita Riot, for Pete’s sake. The lighting was a bit different for Sunday. Not as magical, but it was still awesome. Kudos to UNO for that lighting situation all weekend. Rose City had two games. I love me some Rose City – not as much as Texas – but they’re pretty neat. Turn 2 was not an option for their first game – I had to hang out in turn 1 to get the best shots. I went back to turn 2 for their game against Texas. I split my time on the outside and inside. Side note – I am probably not going to shoot on the inside unless I know the refs. There were a couple of refs who kept crowding my box and I was not happy about that. I missed a few shots because I had to get out of the way. Then again, the box was in a different spot, so maybe they weren’t used to it. It was still really annoying. Texas and Rose closed out the tournament and it was the best game I have ever seen. Another burrito from Juan’s and lots of photo editing.

Texas v. Rose City – Sweat Fest 2017

Monday – Long ass car ride back to Austin…reunited with doggo, who actually behaved while I was gone. Then lots and lots of photo editing.

Found out this week that I’ll be shooting with Texas for D1 in Dallas in September. So, that’s pretty cool. Given the new WFTDA guidelines, I didn’t have to apply, which made me nervous because my chances were not as good as some others. Now I don’t have to apply, but I can only shoot Texas. Fine by me. I know that some other photographers are upset about the new guidelines, but the guidelines seem totally reasonable to me. I mean, I still get to shoot Texas. Bummer that I won’t shoot Victorian unless they play Texas…but I can still watch. At the end of the day, I shoot derby because I love it. I want you to see what I see. I want you to feel what I feel. Roller Derby is magical and that’s all I want to purvey through the images that I capture.