Sweat Fest & Glowed Up…

New Orleans – my second favorite city on the planet. I’ll be in the Big Easy this weekend shooting Sweat Fest – a tournament hosted by the Big Easy Rollergirls featuring some of the best roller derby teams in the nation. It’s a total of nine games over two days and I’m gonna shoot as much as I can.

I’m lucky enough to be an official photographer for the Texas Rollergirls this season. Side note – this wasn’t even on my radar a year ago. Nope. I tried to shoot for Texas a few times last season, but it never worked out because of my schedule. I made them a priority this season – only after my home league, Rockin’ City, of course. Why the change? 2016 Champs. Dammit, that Texas team made me believe in shit. No lie.

But also…some of my work will be featured in Glowed Up – an awesome art show in Austin hosted by Cherry Cola Dog on Saturday night. They’ll have some of my Skate Park photos up for grabs. I’m super stoked about this show and bummed to miss it because I’ll be in New Orleans (see above), but there will be more.